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Hello guys, havent been posting for a long time, have been down for quite a while with all kinds of things coming up.

If you had notice i havent been around DA for a very long time and i havent posted any drawings too. To be honest art these days just killed off my inspiration. I just cant find a good video game or a movie to watch anymore that gives me some kind of inspiration. Previously i was a huge fan of Gundam, i bought the models and i watched Gundam over and over again, these days all the Gundams are a joke, the anime sucks and the models are recycled with no new ideas. What really happened to Gundam Seed and Gundam Double O? Animes these days even have the weakest and most uncharismatic characters i have ever seen in recent years. Not to mention the amount of weak motivation and even their own resolve. Shallow ambition and pathetic reasons, with plot holes becoming more and more predictable, i can sit down and watch a movie or anime and just 90% of the time i am right about who is going to die and what is going to happen

Maybe im an artist myself and a story writer, that i can see how the plots and story unfold, i put myself in the director's shoes and i can determine how the director wants to convey his subject and tries to prevent it from being boring and redundant. But sad to say the amount of effort screen writers and directors put in these days is so by the book and pointless, things people exaggerate and overrate saying its great are stuffs already done in the past or just textbook garbage that every director and storyteller should already know. Most of all art itself these days cant just god damn lighten up, it has become so rigid of methodology that it just kills all the spontaneous ideas and least some boldness to experiment. When was the last time i really saw a movie that experimented and push the limits of ideas and art? Avatar perhaps? Anime?

The Art world is so lacking behind, despite all the great art techniques you get from art tutorials and stuffs you learn in some famous art classes that you pay a thousand+ for their lessons, what do you really get in the end of the day is tons of *boring ass art* with no content or even a meaning in the picture. Its just.. well the values are great, the colors are right, the composition,the perspective, bla bla bla but still even all that, the picture is still boring and its uninspiring, because the picture doesnt tell a story, it doesnt try anything new, it doesnt dare to do anything, it just a industry and commercially produce presentable art and thats all it is...

Beautiful girl,romantic scenery, detailed armors, but nothing else to show for.... back in the old times people actually make comics and write stories that actually mattered because the story,the characters always take a risk, and they always put into an environment that challenged them,that forces them to strive to survive.. now days i have no clue what the main character wants to do or what the story is about, what is about is obviously "the girl" or "the boy"... but it has to go to some many indirect beating around the bush just to get to the point and its really just a waste of my time.. stories use to be that the love interest is something on the side, and not really part of the main story as the story focuses on how to get by the difficulties,challenges and obstacles of life and its always an unpredictable outcome... but today you get this generic story telling very much to do with Twilight and Harry Potter and what you are gonna get as people keep buying their garbage books encourage people of art to keep using formulas and story schematic like the heroes journey, over and over again...

Personally these thing just killed off my inspiration...  i grew up watching Robocop, Predators, all time classics, i grew up watching Transformers, i watched Animes like Akira and Ninja Scroll that could just blow your mind, but when did all these weak ass character suddenly come to the scene... when did things become soft core porn and with not even a slight effort to appear atleast some degree of realism...

Art these days are just so Formulaic.. that its just gotten so redundant. I have tried to reach the level of the industry level of art, to be honest, i can... i can be there if i wanted to,work hard and become one,but i just dont give a damn, because even if i get there, its really pointless because without the substance of art, i can draw 100 sexy girls in robot suits and getting tons of comments and favs, but it doesnt really matter... because i prefer a story behind every character i make and every picture i draw... because it adds meaning and purpose to my life..


Innovator of Ideas
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Im an animator student as of late, still learning 3D and digital painting. Currently working on my own story and character.

My favorite part about art is creating new ideas and write stories especially biography of characters and designing their suits and abilities, then i fit them all into the storytelling.

My art style mostly are punk or gothic sci fi or dark fantasy worlds..

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An early happy b-day wish to u, my good man
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Hey this is Frost7, guys this is my New Account... ill continue posting my stuff in here from now on.. 
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His account got hacked and for now, or forever, he'll be at his new account, for those wondering where he is. :)
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Im more of an intellectual but it comes with being an atheist too.. i dont believe in the supernatural,angels and demons,big foot or those UFOs... but im a skeptic and open minded too...
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